Protecting your home in Bingham

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September crime rates for Bingham
Reported Crime Type Number
Burglary 6
Antisocial behaviour 15
Vehicle Crime 4
Theft 3
Drug Crime 0
Other Crimes 22

Protect your Vehicle

Vehicle crime has risen in December.  Now is the time to think about perimeter security.  Know if an intruder is lurking around your home.

More information about the crime statistics can be found here!

Burglar Alarms for Bingham Residents

Live or plan to live in Bingham? It’s a great place to be, in 2013 named the top place to bring up a family.

With low crime rates and a good school it is ideal. Even with the low crime it is still important to protect your home and belongings with a burglar alarm. Opportunists will take advantage of non secured homes.

Been a victim of a theft can be upsetting. That is why it is important to take as many precautionary steps as you can including a burglar alarm.

Simple protection steps

Often some of the most simplest of actions can help to prevent you from been a target:-

Burglar Alarm Installation For Bingham Residents

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Does anyone take notice of alarms now ?

A very good question, there is no denying that due to false alarms people tend to take less notice.  Our alarms have a low false alarm rate so when activated there is a genuine reason.

Our alarms come with a remote monitoring app.  Any activation will send an alert to your mobile phone.

What do I do if my alarm goes off ?

With the app you can fully control what to do. Check the status of the alarm to make sure no one is in your home. Then it can be turned off and back on again without going back home. For a little more assurance incorporate some visual verification with our integrated CCTV cameras. With a visual verification if an intruder is present you could call the Police

Perimeter Protection

We are adding this technology to a lot of our installations – Why wait till the intruder is in your home before the alarm is activated.  With our perimeter protection add-on you can have external detectors installed externally which will notify you of a visitor or potential thief.  Link to a CCTV camera for that visual verification.  

I hope that you can find everything on our website, if you have any queries or questions, fill in our contact form and I will get back to you.

Perimeter protection alarm