Electric Vehicle Chargers

Zappi car charger

EV Charger Installation Specialist

What we drive is changing! We know the importance of saving our planet and one way that we can help to do that is to convert from the traditional combustion engine to electric vehicles.  In order for this to work effectively you will need a vehicle charger installing at your home or business.

We are OLEV approved

Rolec smart charger

Smart Chargers

What are they?... Just because you can control your vehicle charger from your smart phone does not make it a smart charger. A smart charger does more than just give you app control. It includes communication for load balancing and much more. Make sure that you get the right equipment installed as from the 1st July 2019 all chargers eligible for a grant must be a "smart type"

Zappi EV Charger

Zappi the smart charger – It can be used as a standalone vehicle charger but you can also use it to charge your vehicle from solar PV or wind generation making it future proof for your home.  

Available in 7kw or 22kw (3 phase) comes in black or white these units are well designed and offer great flexibility.