lighting junction box wired bad
Damaged lighting junction

Faulty electrics in your home can potentially be very dangerous.  Many house fires in the UK are started from poor wiring.

Do I Need a Rewire ?

This is a common question which we get asked, due to the fact that most of the cables are concealed within floors and walls it is almost impossible to tell if it is unsafe or know it’s condition.

My sockets work, my electrics are fine

Unfortunately this is not the case, just because your lights and appliances work does not mean that your installation is safe.  The only way is to have them checked by a competent company that is registered with a governing body.

Bradtech Electrical is fully competent in the electrical industry and comply with part P.  We are a member of Napit meaning that you can be assured you get a quality service/installation from us.


Electrical TesterIn accordance with appropriate guidelines you should have your household electrics checked every ten years or at change of ownership – If your installation was carried out before 2004 then it will be due an inspection (electrical condition report) to ensure that your installation is in a safe condition.

The Life expectancy of a new electrical installation is approximately 20 years.  But modern cables will tend to last a lot longer than this.  Many factors have to be taken into consideration, for example how the installation has been used in the past and whether or not it has been designed correctly.

Ways to check if you need a rewire

There are a few tell tale signs that might point to the fact that you may require a rewire, some of which are detailed below, Bradtech Electrical will happily advise you on whether you may require one or not.

  1. What was the original date of the installation, if it was before 1970 chances are that the installation is not capable to withstand the demand for the modern home.
  2. Insufficient socket outlets.  Some properties just have one socket per room.  If you find yourself having trailing extensions leads to your appliances, it may be worth considering an electrical upgrade.
  3. Have a look at your cables if it’s safe to do so.  Black rubber or fabric covered cables mean you will most definitely require an upgrade.  This cable in most situations is not safe and needs to be changed.
  4. Consumer units with re-wireable fuse wire.  Some installations do have PVC cable already installed and the structure of this may be OK, but we will need to be checked.
  5. No Earth core on lighting circuits, this also means that the system may be due an upgrade.  Having no CPC (earth cable) can mean that any metal fitting whether light fitments or socket faceplate could become live and no fuse would trip or blow, thus leaving you very vulnerable to electric shock.
  6. Lights that have twisted type flex to the light bulb is a sure sign that you will require a re-wire.

Bad wiring examples

Whats The Benefit ?

The benefit of having a re-wire is the security of knowing that your electrical installation is safe and conforms with the latest regulations.

You can be sure that the installation will be capable of meeting to load demands that you intend, thus preventing the risk of electrical fires and electric shocks.

With new style consumer units (fuse boxes) should a fuse trip for whatever reason it is so easy to reset and be on your way again, no longer will you have to hunt for that re-wireable fuse wire again.

Disadvantages of Having a Re-wire

Unfortunately there is a a drawback of having a complete re-wire and that’s decoration.  When we carry out our initial survey we will determine your requirements, most of our customers like the cables to be hidden under the plaster but we can surface mount in trunking if you so require.

When we carry out the re-wire we would normally chase channels in the walls to conceal all cables – we then fill and make good the channels in preparation for decorating.  It’s normally a good idea to have the project carried out when you plan to decorate your home.  If you need help in finding a a trades person we will be happy to provide you with some contacts.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact Bradtech Electrical on  01949 81877 or leave a comment below we will be happy to answer any queries or concerns that you may have.