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Protecting property and lives with a

Need Advice

The most effective way of preventing excessive damage to your premises or to people is with the installation of a fire alarm system. Giving early warning that a fire has started.

  • Good professional advice
  • Quality installation
  • Alarm maintenance plans
  • Key-holding services

In some premises you are required by law to have a working fire alarm system.

Here at Bradtech we can help you design a system to give you with the right level of protection.

Most business premises will need fire protection, it may seem like a large outlay but the cost of such a system could save money, as well as lives in the long run. Which system suits you will depend on many factors. Budget and size of property etc.

System Types

Confused about which system will be best, let us design the system for you. We will work closely with you to ensure that you have the best possible solution to meet your expectations and budget. A couple of options that you have for commercial premises is a conventional system or an addressable system.

Conventional Alarm

A number of detectors or and call points are connected to zone on a centrally controlled panel. Zones are used to protect areas. Upon a fire you will know which area has been affected.

Addressable Type

 This system is more intelligent. As the name implies each detector / call point has its own address making it easier to identify which detector has operated. Beneficial in the unlikely event of a fault

What to do

We are happy to provide you with as much help as we possibly can. Want to know more on how to and what you should do to protect yourself and your property some great advice can be found on the website.

Risk Assessment

Making your property safe will involve a risk assessment, some of which will include:-

  • Identify hazards
    • Persons at risk
    • Evaluating and reducing the risk
    • Keeping records and maintenance schedules
    • Keeping system information up to date
    • Revise assessments regularly as things do change in buildings