Why a Wireless Burglar Alarm ?wireless alarm detector

Choosing a wireless burglar alarm does have some advantages over a wired burglar alarm.

One of the main benefits is that there is minimum cabling required for the installation and that carpets and flooring does not need to be lifted to hide cabling which is associated with a wired alarm.

How Does a Wireless Alarm Work ?  close up of printed circuit board

Our wireless burglar alarms work on a radio frequency of 868 MHz high security, with two way wireless technology.  This two way technology basically makes the control panel and the detectors a transmitter and a receiver thus improving the overall security of the installation.


Key points of our systems

 Disadvantages of Wireless Burglar Alarms

We are all aware that wireless technology is now used nearly everywhere in today’s society, but wireless burglar alarms are they really as good as hard wired ?  So here is our take on it.

Wireless burglar alarms have come on in leaps and bounds and the fact that you could jam the signal in the past is now not a worry due to the anti jam facility incorporated into the system.  You also have to appreciate that the money spent on research and development of wireless security has  had a great impact.

The mains control panel is powered by a mains supply, essential in a professionally installed system to ensure that it will always have a reliable power source.  Batteries are then used in the detectors to provide them with power.  You do not need to replace batteries every couple of months in a professionally installed system as the batteries should last a couple of years.   We would recommend that you have it serviced regularly to ensure that the batteries are still producing enough for the system to operate effectively.

A professionally installed system  does not get interference from other household wireless devices.

To summarise there is not many negative points to the professional wireless system but bear in mind battery replacement after a couple of years.  Install time is considerably quicker and no floorboards or carpets need to be lifted for the install.  Remember that the control panel will need a dedicated supply which may involve a certain amount of installation.

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